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This blog covers technical knowledge in spa and alternative therapies, along with aesthetic and spiritual integration. Dynamic artwork, descriptive style and design attracts reader engagement globally.


This is the signature blog of Malini Chaudhri covering favored book reviews on Goodreads, her personal narrratives on the inspiration behind her works and her authors interviews and her blog posts.



Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Science without humanity
Knowledge without character
Politics without principle
Commerce without morality
Worship without sacrifice"

Mahatma Gandhi


"A beautiful servant
A dangerous master"






Quotes have become a new arena of distinction of the authors persona. Quotes on Goodreads, or Reading room, or sites of book indexing and cataloguing, show the authors arrangement to expression and wisdom. The author drives engagement with his readers and attracts like minded.  The poetical, economical wit and wisdom of the quote, is like a short story that thrills, surprises, and resonates literacy-  it leads the community to a favourite space of significance.


Essentially British in its history in literature, it is also a Zen way. Philosophers, sages and preachers transformed the masses that were unintelligent , through their wise sayings.  Quotes have lived on thousands of years, succeeding those that invented them.


With quotes, the authors community is beautiful.





Sports massage. Skills Development. In spa therapies framework

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Book description and listopia of Shiatsu title

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Low level laser for Physical therapists. Book cover.
Low level laser for Physical therapists. Book cover.
Sports Massage. Skills Development. Book cover on Amazon
Sports Massage. Skills Development. Book cover on Amazon
Shiatsu. Skills Development. Book cover.
Shiatsu. Skills Development. Book cover.

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