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Authors are experiencing the impact of the new eco system where the magnitude of change,  size, multiplication, diversity and competition of the authors book in the marketplace is fully challenged.


Bill Gates, has suggested that the authors Intellectual Property has the shelf life of a banana.


Awful disclosure for authors who are lost in the maze and wondering where there money has vanished.


Perhaps there is a prompt to authors to optimize security and metadata of their books, especially for non-fiction writers.


Regular books may have a reduced shelf life in the face of competition of a few hundred thousand book releases annually.


The author can plan their book for prolonged shelf life and readability through various arrangements of authors guilds, libraries, professional and digital societies, and through the use of paid book agents.


The value of a book that can be re-read several times, is based on its contribution, originality, its credentials, its listopias, and  its authors personalization methods. 


However during dangerous trends, authors are well advised to check on legal updates on Intellectual property, privacy, ownership, and scope of reversing criminal attacks when authors show their strength in the liked books landscape. Ensure support and funding from all governments involved.


Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Science without humanity
Knowledge without character
Politics without principle
Commerce without morality
Worship without sacrifice"

Mahatma Gandhi


"A beautiful servant
A dangerous master"






Since 2015, the new models of the world at work have been implemented. These indicate a change in the location of power.

If previously the impetus was seen concentrated in a focal point based on the author, genre, style, category and profile, publisher, reviewer amongst other things, the world has shifted it to an arrangement favouring mobility and remote databases.


In other words the shift from the author to the service provider may be noted. Amazon becomes the newly organized power and the author becomes part of Amazons process. This is the new eco-business world.


The  stages of Change that we know is:


1)  The past (1990’s) was based on fixed computing, where the individual moves to his device, his publisher, his market, his groups and related.


2)  The immediate past present is driven by Mobility (2000’s), where the device can move with the author. The rise of apps, social medias, internet marketplaces, B2B markets and social meetings as with webinars and social messengers as Whats App altered the arrangements from office or home based locations to mobile device based support.


 3) Early 2009 to the current year, change has been seen based on the Internet of Things. By now the author is connected to the net more than to people to

drive business, social, discussions, fame, inventories and feedback. Book blogs, author platforms, paid or free portals, internet based agents and sellers, internet based bloggers and promoters are active around the author and the book. Internet based Crowd funding for books, Residencies and freelance or appointed writing assignments are the means of financial backing.  The role of meta-data, listopias, author cataloguing sites as Good reads is linked to the centralized internet based service provider as Amazon.  The marketplace and readership has multiplied many times over. There are new standards for authors and for the Internet of Things.



4)  Automation, the net and devices is not the only scope of the future for authors. There is more excitement ahead. The Internet of Everything (people, processes, data, things) is to expand opportunities, automation and personal growth much further than has been known as yet.


The revolution of the Internet comes with disruption, and this must be managed ahead through adequate assessment and observation of trends. The way people live is to be reformulated. It is the dawn of a new technical era that the next generation is inducted into. The transition will be supported by the growing youth. However for authors the new voice and economical environment becomes a support. Book publishing is now free. Inventories are self managed and clerks are not needed. Sharing platforms are extended and various. Office space, transport costs and related nuances have been controlled.


Perhaps the road is rough in the beginning as the author begins to view the limitless expanse of ocean and recognizes his contribution to be a drop in it.  However the drop may participate fully in the oceans rhythms and tides and merge successfully in its laws.






Quotes have become a new arena of distinction of the authors persona. Quotes on Goodreads, or Reading room, or sites of book indexing and cataloguing, show the authors arrangement to expression and wisdom. The author drives engagement with his readers and attracts like minded.  The poetical, economical wit and wisdom of the quote, is like a short story that thrills, surprises, and resonates literacy-  it leads the community to a favourite space of significance.


Essentially British in its history in literature, it is also a Zen way. Philosophers, sages and preachers transformed the masses that were unintelligent , through their wise sayings.  Quotes have lived on thousands of years, succeeding those that invented them.


With quotes, the authors community is beautiful.





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Sports massage. Skills Development. In spa therapies framework

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Low level laser for Physical therapists. Book cover.
Low level laser for Physical therapists. Book cover.
Sports Massage. Skills Development. Book cover on Amazon
Sports Massage. Skills Development. Book cover on Amazon
Shiatsu. Skills Development. Book cover.
Shiatsu. Skills Development. Book cover.

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