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Authors are experiencing the impact of the new eco system where the magnitude of change,  size, multiplication, diversity and competition of the authors book in the marketplace is fully challenged.


Bill Gates, has suggested that the authors Intellectual Property has the shelf life of a banana.


Awful disclosure for authors who are lost in the maze and wondering where there money has vanished.


Perhaps there is a prompt to authors to optimize security and metadata of their books, especially for non-fiction writers.


Regular books may have a reduced shelf life in the face of competition of a few hundred thousand book releases annually.


The author can plan their book for prolonged shelf life and readability through various arrangements of authors guilds, libraries, professional and digital societies, and through the use of paid book agents.


The value of a book that can be re-read several times, is based on its contribution, originality, its credentials, its listopias, and  its authors personalization methods. 


However during dangerous trends, authors are well advised to check on legal updates on Intellectual property, privacy, ownership, and scope of reversing criminal attacks when authors show their strength in the liked books landscape. Ensure support and funding from all governments involved.